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No, ‘Supernatural’ Is NOT Leaving Netflix… Yet


No, ‘Supernatural’ Is NOT Leaving Netflix… Yet

And here’s why the rumor is floating.

‘Supernatural’ is closing up their show with the 15th season and fans are not even ready for that yet when another rumor hits fans of Netflix subscribers. The show is leaving the platform, not sure who has been whispering the false news.

Since 2012, all 14 seasons are streaming on the platform and rumor began floating when The CW ender their overall output deal. Worth noting that doesn’t mean The CW is pulling out all their shows from Netflix, although there seem to be plans that in the far future that will happen.

The show has more than 325 episodes now and their last season is airing on The CW and fans can binge-watch them on Netflix at the beginning of 2020. Pretty safe to say that the show will stay on the streaming platform for at least 3-5 more years after that.

That said, Jensen Ackles is actually still ready to hit the road again with the family. The show might have ended, but the Winchester family will continue with ‘saving people, hunting things’ and who knows, it might be revived again in the future!

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