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Orange Is The New Black Season Finale Streaming at Netflix This July


Orange Is The New Black Season Finale Streaming at Netflix This July

Season finale arriving with more feels but still comedic.

There are a lot of kinds of show, mostly showing protagonists doing the right thing in their life. At least that is the usual way the good guys are portrayed to show that justice always wins in the end. But Orange Is The New Black portrays the life of antiheroes.

OITND takes the stories of inmates who live the kind of life many of us don’t relate to. Jenji Kohan’s drama comedy, however, shed at least some light into the hardships of those who are learning to change through their experiences in there. Season six finale shows Piper Chapman getting an early release, a delightful surprise to her, but also a good cliffhanger.

Season finale will seek to answer questions that have been plaguing the series as well as shed light into Piper’s new life after the release.

Meanwhile, her fiancee, post-wedding, will have to bid goodbye and continue the relationship behind the bar. It’s going to feel like a long-distance relationship.

“And it’s unfortunate. Alex is really smart, but it’s just one of those realistic things where, especially now with Piper gone, she’s going to have to survive,” Laura Prepon, Alex’s actress commented.

Bianca Flores, meanwhile, is faced with ICE agents preparing to send her off before offered a new chance: an immigration detention center. This personal story told by Gomez, a Dominican Republic immigrant thinks that the story will keep going deeper into this story. And this allows the transfer to focus more on immigration-related subjects.

Not everybody finds a light of hope, however, at least not by the system’s watch. Daya is turning to drugs to ease the physical pain from the abuse she receives from officers. Dascha Polanco regrets the situation, “I believe in Daya. I want to say that I believe that she has a chance and I am so hopeful for her, but I don’t believe in the system — I know that she is set up to fail.”

And there are a whole lot of characters we know we can use some closure to with. However, showrunners decided that it’s time for this season to really focus on the core group. It begins with Piper being a fish-out-of-water while forging new relationships with her inmates. It’s only right that this season, should it be a finale, focuses on her as well.

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