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Penguins Are Now Given Hand Knitted Jumpers To Protect Them From Cold


Penguins Are Now Given Hand Knitted Jumpers To Protect Them From Cold

A Victorian penguin foundation has called on volunteers to knit sweaters to aid penguin recovery.

The Philip Island Penguin Foundation has recently made a humanitarian call to all well-meaning and kind-hearted people to volunteer and engage in knitted of sweatshirts and jackets for penguins.

The penguins, which have been rescued from pollution and contaminations needs help and care in the process of getting nursed back to full health condition. The sweatshirts which have to be specially made with high precision and accuracy are meant to keep the penguins warm and agile as they are taken through a rehabilitation and recovery phase.

The foundation also opened a visitors parade center with the intention of housing over 1400 penguins, all of which will be needing the help and care of volunteers for knitted sweatshirts. On this note, the foundation made a clarion call for volunteers to knit well-fitted sweatshirts for the penguins.

Hand knitted penguin jumpers help in the recovery process of birds after oil pollution

The designs of the sweatshirts have to be precise and accurate so the penguins can easily wear them while other styles are sold on toys to raise funds for the conservation of penguins

Penguins are quite a sensitive bird and can easily be killed by pollution, particularly the form of oil pollution. In addition, when their wing is stained with oil, in the process of clearing it off themselves, the penguins can damage their tiny wings thereby undermining their ability to swim properly.

As a result, these sweaters help to protect the birds from picking their wings while they are nursed back to health.

The Penguin Foundation has called on volunteer knitters to make sweater jumpers for the penguin

There are several designs of jumpers, neckties, and caps made to be sold on toy penguins, which has raised about $185,000 for the conservation of penguins. The specific measurements are detailed on the foundation’s website.

The jumpers connote the negative effects of marine pollution and how it undermines the environment

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