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The ‘Victoria Crowned Pigeon’ Is One Of The Most Beautiful Birds Ever


The ‘Victoria Crowned Pigeon’ Is One Of The Most Beautiful Birds Ever

Wow! It can grow to the size of a turkey!

Bet you won’t argue that humans are naturally fascinated with lovely things and how else could it possibly be when we all live on this adorable planet where every nook and cronies are flourishing with nature’s gorgeous creations.

Ranging from a scorching African desert to a tropical forest drenched with rainwater, it’s certainly unique in its own way. Anyways, it’s no surprise why the saying “Nature is the world’s best artist is always murmured and we, at Waterballoon would entirely agree with that.

And for more interesting nature articles, we have loads of them here on Waterballoon, but today’s story is an amazing proof that nature is truly remarkable.

We are introducing you to the Victoria Crowned Pigeon.

The Virginia Zoo
The Virginia Zoo
Laura Wolf
Laura Wolf
Sandy Cole

This “Victoria Crowned Pigeon” is distinct from any other pigeon as it has bright blue feathers as well as a beautiful crown on its top head.

Kitty Schweizer
Bernard Dupont

Belonging to the Goura family of just 4 rare-looking ground-dwelling pigeon species, this particular pigeons are also very large as they can grow to the size of a turkey.

Dennis Jarvis
Derek Ramsey
Heather Paul

Also a native of the New Guinea Region, the Victoria Crowned Pigeon got its unique name to celebrate a great iconic figure, popularly known as the British Queen Victoria, who had ruled the United Kingdom in the last decades of the nineteenth century.

Jimmy Palma Gil
Edith Maracle (Berghout)

While deforestation has been a great threat to their habitat, these birds can be hardly seen roaming wildly as they are mostly bred in captivity.

Cloudtail the Snow Leopard
Terry Kearney

These birds are however included in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species as Near Threatened.

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