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Penn Badgley Confirms He Is Returning In ‘You’ Season 2


Penn Badgley Confirms He Is Returning In ‘You’ Season 2

Is Beck really dead?

There’s a lot to take in from ‘You’ which is a twister romance-thriller that features a villain as the main character. Penn Badgley has confirmed for the second season of the slightly sickening TV show and it’s going to be airing on Netflix, not Lifetime.

This also means the show is getting more liberties with how they want to do it, which is probably too much for some or better for others. The first season had a lot of profanities and embarrassing scenes although we were all spared from the scene where Joe finally lands the final blow on his love interest, Guinevere Beck.

Penn Badgley assures, “There are certain liberties we’re now able to take, but it’s very much the same show.”

What’s really interesting is that Badgley guarantees that Beck is returning for the second season which probably made most of us think that, “Hey, he didn’t kill her after all?”

Badgley explains what this means, “In his mind, she’s not even dead. I’m not giving you some kind of spoilers, she’s dead. In his mind, everyone’s still alive because the pain that he feels he suffered at their hand is very much still alive.”

So, yeah. She is very much a dead woman right now, but we’ll be seeing glimpses of her in flashbacks. Penn mentioned that as well:

“There’s a revisitation of that [the murder] with Joe in the second episode of the second season, where you get to see a bit more of the hard reality of what he did to her.

“Whereas you’re sort of, for better or worse, mercifully saved from seeing that in the first season. That always haunts me, thinking of Beck. It’s like, ‘You really did that in the first season, and we’re still going, and people really like this guy?!’ That’s disturbing.”

“One thing we always had in mind in the writer’s room was we wanted the show to function as something you could binge. Greg [Berlanti] and I talked about how reading the books by Caroline really feels like binging a great TV show.

“We always thought it would follow the pattern of airing weekly in its first run, and then it would land on Netflix and people would hopefully scoop it up and binge it quickly. So we had Netflix in mind while we were designing it.

And Candace is also making an appearance in the next season of the show. Ambyr Childers’ character will have more appearance albeit only for four episodes. No release date is yet revealed and so far, we’ve only known who are returning and that the tone will remain the same.

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