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Sylvester Stallone “Wants Revenge” In The Newly Released Rambo: Last Blood Trailer


Sylvester Stallone “Wants Revenge” In The Newly Released Rambo: Last Blood Trailer

Sylvester Stallone is back and this time he ‘wants revenge’ in the action-packed trailer for the highly-anticipated fifth installment of the Rambo franchise.

The new trailer for Rambo: Last Blood was released on Thursday ahead of the film’s September 20th debut.

The 72-year old actor is hungry for revenge as John J. Rambo who travels to Mexico in a rescue mission of his friend’s daughter after she got kidnapped by the Mexican cartel, proving that he hasn’t softened with age

The first highly-successful Rambo sequels had the actor take on as a Vietnam veteran and former US Army Special Forces soldier John Rambo in 1982’s first blood.

The former soldier has been a peace-loving citizen since retiring and has been working at a ranch. But when a daughter of one of his friends gets kidnapped, Rambo crosses the American-Mexican border in a daring rescue mission against one of the country’s most violent organizations.

The trailer begins with an opening sequence with Rambo heard in a voiceover saying; ‘I lived in a world of death. I’ve watched people I’ve loved die. Some fast with a bullet. Some not enough left to bury.’

The screen opens up to Rambo rocking on a chair with a view of a small but peaceful-looking town. As if to match the viewers’ expectation, the camera pans across the inside of his home, to reveal a huge row of guns and a large knife displayed on the wall.

Stallone’s love for big-lethal toys is proven once again. The cameras pick up pace as Rambo is now seen riding a horse as the song Ols Town Road by Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus plays along.

The screen goes black before there is a shot close up of his eyes with his voiceover: ‘All these years I’ve kept my secrets.’

He sharpens his knives against a stone before looking closely at his newly-sharpened knife; he says over the scene: ‘But the time has come to face my past.’

This is the last of a peaceful cowboy life Rambo is going to have as he leaves the ranch behind and arrives in Mexico, a green covered mountain scattered with buildings.

This is the beginning of a series of events that sees the war veteran drenched in sweat and blood as he tears his way through large groups of gun-wielding men.

Punches are thrown with shouting as huge fights ensue.

The trailer returns back to the small town Sylvester is living in and the peaceful nature of it is quickly shattered.

Cars interrupting the idyllic small town, presumably heading to his home, comes into view with Sylvester turning to gaze at them as they arrive.

He pulls up a large weapon to the top of his barn and then welds and hammers a huge knife – prepping for what seems like an all-out war.

‘I want revenge,’ Sylvester whispers in the voiceover.

Intruders are seen closing in on his ranch, only to meet their death against the skillful and ruthless killer-Rambo.

‘I want them to know that death is coming,’ he says as a montage of explosions takes over the screen. 

John Rambo was the lead character in the 1972 novel First Blood, written by David Morrell. The book was adapted into a film of the same name in 1982.

The franchise then spawned sequels Rambo: First Blood Part II in 1985 and Rambo III in 1988.

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