Texas Bride Refuses To Hire A Makeup Artist Because She’s A Lesbian

A soon-to-be-married woman has sparked an outroar online after refusing to hire a make-up artist mainly because she was gay. The Texas bride had equally preceded to lecturing on why being a Lesbian is sinful – and this was actually the height.

Kristian Cardenas, from Lubbock, said she was taken aback by the woman’s shift in attitude after she disclosed her sexuality

Kristian Cardenas, the Cosmetics Expert from Lubbock stated she was taken aback by the woman’s change in attitude after her sexuality was disclosed in a chain on text-messages on Wednesday, June 12.

The interaction with the woman, who has not been named, started out harmlessly

Adding that, the interaction indeed concluded with the unknown bride declaring she didn’t want Cardenas anywhere close to her wedding but appealed the bride re-books her once her mind is changed towards her sexuality.

Cardenas took to social media and uploaded pictures of the interaction

Cardenas, who posted this on social media alongside pictures of the interaction, urged people to very kind to one another regardless of their different sexuality.  So far, Cardenas posts have since gotten over 310,000 likes and equally over 71,000 retweets.

She accompanied her post with screenshots and a message urging people to be kind to one another regardless of their sexuality

Cardenas interaction with the unknown bride whose name has not been revealed began the discussion harmlessly, by finding out how much was Cardenas’ services.

According to Cardenas, after giving her a response, the bride-to-be centered on another separate line of dialogue by asking the cosmetic experts “Are you gay?”

Cardenas never responded to the insultive messages but she spoke out online against the homophobia she faced

Confirming that she was, by answering with “Yes, ma’am” the unnamed women responded to Cardenas by saying: “‘I don’t want a gay person doing my wedding,’ adding that she had been wondering if she was gay or not from her photos.

Choosing a professional response, Cardenas replied, saying that ‘totally fine’ and told the bride-to-be to have a nice day

Choosing a professional response, Cardenas replied, saying that ‘totally fine’ and told her to have a nice day. But even with Cardenas polite response, she acknowledged that insults and judgment kept coming in plenty.


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