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The Amazing Positive Effect of Jasmine Flowers


The Amazing Positive Effect of Jasmine Flowers

Adding greenery to a room has always been a great way to improve the atmosphere. Plants are not only visually refreshing because they are natural air cleaners.

This time, we want to point out the calming effect of jasmine flowers. The flower which name was the same as a daring and tiger-lover Disney Princess has actually quite the opposite effect.

Jasmine flowers have tremendous benefits if you place them in your room. (Image credits: Weena Chiwangkul/Pexels)

Back in 2013, a study on the calming effect of jasmine showed positive results that managed to keep mice in a cage calm. The result was later made available online as it was published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry. Professor Hanns Hatt pointed out that this result can “be seen as evidence of a scientific basis for aromatherapy”.

Hundreds of fragrances, including jasmine, was tested on mice to investigate their effect on GABA receptors on humans. GABA is a neurotransmitter that is spread across the brain regions and is partly responsible for the well-being of our mental health. It has been so far known to have a role in patients with epilepsy, depression and other mental disorders.

Jasmine fragrance gave a huge calming effect. It was more than 5 times more effective that sedatives and sleeping pills but without the side-effect, you would have got if you consumed 5 times the recommended serving size.

Jasmine essential oils have long been used to calm people with anxiety and depression down. On the other hand, the relaxing effect it gives is also likened to an aphrodisiac. It was first used by Greeks and Egyptians.

“The Gift from God” earned its name because of the strong fragrant it emits when it blooms. Interestingly, it calms the nerves but at the same time, does not cause drowsiness. Jasmine oils increase alertness. This study showed a group of participants experiencing an increase in alertness, concentration, and energy.

Aside from smelling jasmine essential oil directly, adding a pot of jasmine flowers can help calm the nerves in your bedroom. On the other hand, it keeps you focuses and concentrated during your studies or work.

These tropical plants are not hard to care for and they come in over 200 species to choose from! Definitely not bad if you want to get that boost in your room without adding more pills in the schedule.

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