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The First Animal You See In This Picture Reveals The Strength Of Your Mind


The First Animal You See In This Picture Reveals The Strength Of Your Mind

What kind of person are you?

Our brain is a very complex internal organ that never stops working even when we sleep. In fact, if one fails to save a person from dying in within 3 minutes, the brain will most probably sustain serious injuries which will lead to organ failure and ultimately, death.

The brain has several parts, each responsible for a different job – decision making, motoric, imagination, and calculation. Roger W. Sperry won a Nobel Prize for revealing that the human brain has two hemispheres. The left side of the brain is responsible for analytical and logical thinking while the right side is responsible for flying elephants and your dream wedding; imagination.

Now, what do you see in this picture?

Don’t feel judged – just like a glass that can be both half-full and half-empty which are both right and necessary to be pointed out, this picture simply shows which hemisphere of your brain do you use the most.

Found it?
Now let’s move on.

If you can see this hanging monkey…

You are freaking impulsive.

Your decision-making is not always based on facts and calculations because your brain’s right hemisphere has a strong gut is telling you the right thing to do. Because of that, you don’t like the mundane life you are living and dream of the traveling to the end of the world, space and the stars.

You are also creative, so your talent usually lies in things like drawing, music-composing, and other creative disciplines. Because of this, it’s definitely hard to try to abide by the rules because creativity is endless.

The rules are simply challenges that should be tackled in your eyes.

If you see this roaring lion…

Your left hemisphere thinks it only makes sense for it to be so. You are the kind of person everyone wants to be their life organizer because that’s what you are good at. You make plans, follow through with them and achieve what it is you’ve planned with pride.

But this can also mean you are not the type that steps outside the rules. Doesn’t mean you lack creativity, but you might have been pushing people out for their unorthodox practices. But these people will also love how you are focused on what you want to do and help them get a reality check when necessary.

Both sides of the brain always work together, so this picture doesn’t say that only your left or right side of the brain works. It’s simply a tendency that you could be exerting in how you live your life, work, and love.

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