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These 20 Pics Were Supposed To Be Ordinary, But Something Went Wrong And Made Them Hilarious


These 20 Pics Were Supposed To Be Ordinary, But Something Went Wrong And Made Them Hilarious

Have a look!

A lot of things can actually go wrong when taking a simple selfie or a group photo.

Things that include an accidental photobomb, strange optical illusions as well as things that barely make one appear like humans. But fortunately, some of these selfies and group photos result into something to laugh about.

So, to crack you up a bit, we at Waterballoon has compiled more than a dozen photos showing exactly how unpredictable the act of taking a selfie or photo can result in.


1. “This jogger discovered he stumbled into an engagement photo.”

© 123CJP / Reddit  

2. Sniff!

© jaycrew / Reddit  

3. “Tried taking a selfie with Mona Lisa’s Portrait.”

© Kaiji700m / Reddit  

4. This one friend that always fails to look good during a photo

5. This tail apparently looks adorable

© Unknown / Imgur  

6. How epic is this? A photobomber sliding down a cloud

© paleblackfish / Imgur  

7. That expression depicts one thing: “I’ve messed up badly

© TheFearLess3 / Reddit  

8. Sure you can relate to this!

© UselessPostsThatMeanNothing / Imgur  

9. The photo reveals cat can now fly! Awesome

© Unknown / Imgur  

10. “Not sure if Leonardo DiCaprio hasn’t experienced this kind of Incepswan

© Im_DIzE / Reddit  

11. It appears the Aladdin rug caught her on time

© KosherKittens / Reddit  

12. The longer you take a view, the weirder the picture gets

© sammyjay55 / Reddit  

13. With one walking on the water and another shooting the water up from a bottle, they are tagged superheroes

© bubbaryan / Reddit  

14. Dogs – The king and queens of stealing the spotlight

© Unknown / Imgur  

15. Are you photogenic just like this baby!

 mrsyelslab / Reddit  

16. When trying to take a photo view, but realized the Aliens in Area 51 has been freed

© SoVeryKerry / Reddit  

17. The “Luther Hargreeves” from Umbrella Academy

© Thiccboihunter69 / Reddit  

18. The best instance of being at the wrong place

© sin-ik / Reddit  

19. “My brother successfully packed our family friend into a backpack.”

© ogden24 / Reddit  

20. They had no idea that Fiona – the hippo was into their proposal. Love is blind!

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