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This $245 Meizu Makes Other Flagship Products Look Stupid


This $245 Meizu Makes Other Flagship Products Look Stupid

Most of the newest flagship products recently released cost around $1,000. We also witness the launch of the first few foldable phones this year which starts at around $1,800. But there is a new smartphone that will be released next month which ticks the checklist without burning your money.

Meizu 16Xs

This is Meizu 16Xs which cost only $245. It’s a budget smartphone and you might even more surprised to know that it’s got most of the fancy features flagship products come with.

The smartphone doesn’t come with Snapdragon 855, but truth to be told, that is not necessary unless you are a full-time mobile gamer of a game that demands high-quality graphics. It is packed with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 675, fast enough to run Microsoft apps and most of the games trending right now.

It’s also balanced with 6 GB of RAM and runs on Android 9.0 and you don’t have to worry about Google functions as well.

It’s even packed with triple-camera with a main Samsung S5KGM1 48-megapixel camera sensor, an ultra-wide angle 8-megapixel camera, and a 5-megapixel camera with an in-depth sensor. The selfie camera is 16 megapixel.

The display on this phone is not disappointing as well. It’s got 6.2″ super AMOLED with Full HD+ and more than 90% of body to screen ratio.

The battery is 4,000 mAh and is equipped with 18W fast-charging. Not the fastest, but enough to get your phone back to full in less than 2 hours.

This phone comes out in two models: a $245 model with 64 GB internal memory and a $298 with 128 GB internal memory. With less than $300, you can get your hand on a smartphone that stands on par with flagship products. Meizu 16X and 16Xs will be launched on June 10.

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