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This Bed Shifts Your Partner Back To Their Side, Saving Marriages Worldwide


This Bed Shifts Your Partner Back To Their Side, Saving Marriages Worldwide

Uses a pressure sensor!

Well, I have never had to put up with a partner or a friend who is a bed hog, but I do have some friends complain about their partner. One specifically utter that sharing a bed or perhaps a room with his partner results into no good night’s sleep.

And if you were lucky, it’s lack of space

On the other hand, your partner would somehow remove your pillows, blankets and even move you off the other side of the mattress – this is if you are, however, unlucky.

As a result, you frequently end up trapped beneath your partner or in an unconscious cuddle

Unsplash|Gregory Pappas

For many couples, it has left them pondering if renting a hotel room for the weekend or for a vacation is worth it.

I guess you are also familiar with the same scenario. However, researchers are beginning to reveal that couples are now choosing to sleep in different beds and rooms, all in the means of having a good night’s sleep. And the trend currently even has a nickname: The Night Divorce.

So to tackle this menace, Ford has decided to use its Lane Keeping Car Technology to produce the Lane Keeping Bed

YouTube|Ford Europe

Ford’s Lane Keeping Car Technology oversees road markings and helps nudge a car back to its lane. This is automatically inclined.

YouTube|Ford Europe

But sadly, the innovation is a concept and not an actual product yet as its presently part of Ford’s intervention series, which tried using car technology to resolve our everyday problems.

The mattress is one of the most recent of these projects

Ford Europe

Yes! One of the projects popular concepts is the Noise, Canceiling Kennel. The kennel allows anxious dogs to feel secure during noisy events like fireworks.

However, with the use of pressure sensors, the lane-keeping mattress can tell when your partner, friend, sister or brother stray from their side

YouTube|Ford Europe

Certainly, this is the only means at which a bed can cause less sleeping trouble.

Ford Europe

Reactions to the concept have been hilarious:

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