This Electrician Wires Up His Van To Give Tool Thieves A 1,000-Volt Shock

An Electrician has wired up his van to zap thieves with 1000 volt shocks. Carried out after being robbed of £5,000 gear taken from his van, Ray Taylor took the step to avert such from happening again.

Losing the expensive car equipment over a period of two years now, police equally agreed that the process was perfectly legal on a condition he will put a warning sign on his vehicle.

Ray Taylor was fed up of thieves stealing tools from his van

Aged 61, Taylor wired his van up and accompanied it with a siren which was fitted in his Citroen Dispatch. He explained that if the sirens don’t frighten the thieves, then they will get a shock next.

Hailed from Wolverhampton, Taylor told The Sun: “They’ll get Zapped.”

Mr. Taylor said that thieves will ‘get a zap’ next time they try to get into his van

Maintaining that wannabe thief trying to get into the van will be hit with a shock through the door handle, Taylor stated that the intruder will be faced with a siren and with a two firm-arm sounding like a bomb.

And combined, the two firm arms cause a 120-decibel din, an equivalent to a Jumbo Jet taking off.

Mr. Taylor posted the pictures of his new system to Facebook and said police stated he could use it as long as they put a warning on

“It has solved all of my problems, now I can sleep easy. The shock is not however going to do any lasting effect, but will make them jump and tumble a bit.” Taylor admitted.

If you wish to do same, Taylor is charging £380 to place a similar system in your van or car. Since he has copyrighted his design, you will be fitting a 1000 volt shocker from a fly swatter to a metal plate on the door of your vehicle.

Mr. Taylor had previously shared images to his Facebook page of alleged thieves getting into his van

That position, however, implies that the zap is isolated to only the handle and not to the rest of the van.

Source: dailymail

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