This Guy Came Up With An Idea To Transform Any Backyard Into A Beach

The Summer Vacations are centered around the sand, sea, and sun. Do you agree? And unfortunately for some individuals, getting to the seaside can be quite a difficult task mainly because activities keep getting in their way. It might be an office-related work or your car just broke down, perhaps your spouse got ill or got Chickenpox.

Here’s however good news, You can now have your personal beach right behind your backyard. Eric White, the Founder of the Zydeco Construction Company has built a private treat that looks attractive, very much like they came from the pages of an exotic travel guide.

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Zydeco Construction, Eric White’s Company Built an awesome pool like this one in a backyard.

Zydeco Construction
Zydeco Construction

Based in Maurepas, Louisiana, the exterior construction company specializes in producing unique looking beaches that cost the same as a  swimming pool, at an amount of $20,000.

The unique design, however, has the neighbors running over the heels. “It has always been a desire of mine to do something more unique. I’m all about discovering a way to make things happen. I can look at any circumstances and come up with a mean of fixing it. I would like to stay in the market for things that many companies can’t offer, most especially the custom requests.” Eric explained.

Zydeco Construction
Zydeco Construction

Acknowledging he had a rough life, White explained he was homeless at age 15 and had dropped out of school when he was in the ninth grade. Having a second-grade reading skill and after changing of fewer jobs, White became a team manager at a construction company and went on to found his own company, named, Cool Pools – Which he sold. Presently, he’s the founder of Zydeco Construction.

Zydeco Construction
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