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This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Stop Drinking Alcohol For 28 Days


This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Stop Drinking Alcohol For 28 Days

When drugs are not allowed, nothing is preventing people from not getting an innocent glass of beer. Unfortunately, 7% of Americans who are 18 and older have a drinking problem. That is more than 13 million people living in America.

On the other hand, we can all agree than your first glass of beer in a social gathering with workmate is innocent. Unless you are allergic to it or do not handle your drink well, it’s nothing to be worried about.

But it is when you start drinking as a habit. Millions of people fight their inner tendencies to abuse alcohol and enjoy the positive changes they experience. And these are 8 things you will feel when you stop adding alcohol into your body and bloodstreams.

1. Better appetite

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It is not a coincidence that alcoholics tend to have big bellies as a partner. One of the reasons they do is that beer belly contains calories from beers. Meanwhile, getting drunk prevent you from moving as much and turns you into a couch potato.

The more you drink, the less you move and the lazier you get (in fact, you can’t work out under the influence of alcohol). On the other hand, the less you drink, the soberer you are to move and workout.

2. Better sleep

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Okay, so not everyone dreams of unicorn and consider them to be a good dream. But we can all agree that getting drunk can really mess up your mind with all those toxic in your body.

And yes, alcohol does helps ease the mind, making you sleep faster. But that doesn’t mean you stay asleep for long. Alcohol makes you turn in your sleep and may even wake you up for trips to the toilet. Not to mention you don’t always wake up with the best condition. The hangover afterward can be horrible.

So, yeah, you probably would rather dream of unicorns at that point.

3. Healthier liver

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Alcohol is considered toxic to the body, but it’s never been one to know that kills you directly. Your liver works very hard to clear your bloodstream from the alcohol. But you keep shoving it work to do without a day of rest.

Imagine if you keep working 24 hours, 7 days a week with only 2 hours of rest every other week, will you die? That’s how your liver feels.

That’s not all – to make sure your liver is accommodated to get rid of the crap you shoved down your body, you need to drink even more water. Alcohol alone is already enough to increase the trips to the toilet, but you’ve got no choice – it’s the toilet or liver cancer.

4. Healthier stomach

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It’s possibly one of the most direct reasons some people avoid alcohol. Drinking it when you haven’t eaten can be likened to suicide. Your gastric acid can be super painful when you add alcohol into the mix.

Ah, what a wonderful way to die out of excruciating pain you can’t immediately subdue.

5. Fresher look

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It shows when you are an alcoholic, which tends to be correlated with violence, unhappiness, and laziness. Alcoholism itself is a negative stamp that shows in many forms, such as the eyebags you have right now.

Those eyebags aren’t just sleeping deprivation – when others strive to get a good night’s sleep, you are not letting yourself getting enough rest. In fact, alcoholism can screw your sleep patterns which may take weeks or even months to fix.

And lack of sleep also affect your liver. Double trouble.

6. Healthy teeth

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Saliva is responsible to keep your mouth healthy and to keep your teeth clean. But did you know that alcohol can reduce the amount of saliva in your mouth? Alcoholism decreases saliva production which means your teeth are exposed to bigger risks for cavities, your gums to injuries and your mouth to infection.

Stop spitting out your saliva especially if you drink. Don’t drink, actually, if you want to have all your teeth intact for a long time.

7. Reduced risk of obesity

Not intending to body shame, but let’s face it: we love to have an ideal body shape. Remember the beer belly?

That is obesity right there knocking on your doorstep every time you pop open a can of beer. It’s not going to be beautiful and you will only realize it when you notice something awfully blocking your sight as you try to get a good look below you.

Let’s not get into the health risks of obesity – WebMD, Healthline, and anyone who finally lost 50 pounds in their life can tell you what they entail.

8. Better life

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Alcohol does a lot of things to people. From minor things like eyebags to destroyed relationships and domestic violence can be caused by a few cans of beer that appear harmless. It’s 2019 and the Internet is not lacking in the number of people who have successfully gain a better life by leaving alcohol.

People are reporting that they have better control over their emotions and learn to cope with their problems instead of running away through drinking. People are saying that these people look better, healthier and just lovelier to have around.

Some of you are probably the guy in the right who are struggling with alcoholism. You might even experience alcohol withdrawal, but hey, you will be fine. You are not now, but you will be better and there are people to prove you that.

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