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This Swiss Cinema Swapped All Seats With Double Beds


This Swiss Cinema Swapped All Seats With Double Beds

Crepes and waffles will be added to their new food offerings.

Have you ever dream of having a bed in a cinema?

If Yes, the Swiss cinema has finally made your dream become a reality. The cinema, which is situated in Switzerland has officially opened a VIP bedroom screen with double beds, replacing the normal boring though comfortable seats.

The VIP bedroom screen can be found inside the Switzerland Cinema Pathé around the Northwesterly Municipality of Spreitenbach near the Swiss-German border.

Are you already planning/budgeting for a trip to Switzerland?

The Cinema Pathé (Switzerland) has now introduced a more chilling way to watch movies.

Pathé Schweiz

Interestingly, the cinema features about 11 beds that have adjustable headrest alongside pillows, and bedside tables, making the experience a homelike chilling moment.

More info: Pathé Schweiz

The Cinema Pathé equally offers VIP tickets in order to get free food and a double bed.

Pathé Schweiz

To be purchased for 49francs, an equivalent of $48.50 (the VIP ticket), the cinema regular tickets which don’t include free food like the VIP’s sells for 19.50 francs, an equivalent of $19.

Paying for the VIP bedroom screen also implies you and your family won’t have to be in the queues to get drinks and snacks.

While there are other additional benefits to purchasing a VIP ticket, the Cinema Pathe in Switzerland also gives out slippers to their customers.

Pathé Schweiz

Should in case you’re not thrilled enough,  an announcement was recently made by the CEO of Pathé Switzerland, Venanzio Di Bacco,  that Crepes and waffles will be added to their new food offerings.

The cinema also features double sofas accordingly

Pathé Schweiz

Concern about the hygiene of the sofas, the CEO further revealed that the bed sheets will be changed after every movie watched, adding that there’s also children’s cinema where bean bags, ball pits, and slides are well placed.

The ticket for children cinema costs 14.50 francs, an equivalent of $14

Pathé Schweiz

Here’s However What People Are Saying About The Innovation:

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