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Tourists Are Caught Throwing Rocks At A Giant Panda Because They’re Bored She’s Sleeping


Tourists Are Caught Throwing Rocks At A Giant Panda Because They’re Bored She’s Sleeping

Footage shows Panda unhurt from the incident.

Panda Meng Da was lazing around in his enclosure when a rock was suddenly thrown into his cage, slightly hitting his leg. He stood on all four and checked out the rock, curious as to why it flew into his cage. Footage of the incident in Beijing Zoo was caught and uploaded to Weibo, a twitter-equivalent site on China.

Pandas are known as lazy bear species. So, that’s what Meng Da is exactly doing.

The culprit threw a stone into the enclosure to wake the panda up.

It can be heard as a woman commented on the video:

“Who threw [the rock]?”

“Is that person crazy?”

Earlier this year and previous years, there have been multiple incidents where children and adults alike throw food and stones to animals in order to ‘get them to move’. It doesn’t seem acceptable for them to watch animals who only sit quietly, unamused by the loud crowd standing outside their enclosure.

A kangaroo was thrown rocks to death last year. On the same year, another man was seen throwing rocks to a tiger. All in an attempt to wake them up or get them to move or do something.

Meng Da’s enclosure was built in 1989 to commemorate 1990 Asian Games hosted in the country. Another panda pavilion was built in 2008 to celebrate the Beijing Olympics. While Meng Da was not affected and went on with his activities, as usual, this has sparked anger from netizens.

A spokesperson approached the people immediately, according to eyewitness and warned guests not to throw anything into the pavilion. Visitors were also urged to observe in a civilized manner. They have also expressed their wish to renovate the old pavilion.

New panda pavilion built-in 2008.

Let’s be civilized guests when we visit zoos and no matter if they are lazy pandas or sleeping lions, let’s not throw animals to them.

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