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Windows’ Next to Remove Themselves From Huawei’s Affiliation


Windows’ Next to Remove Themselves From Huawei’s Affiliation

Microsoft has nothing more to share regarding the news.

Trump’s most recent executive order to put Huawei under the “Entity List” has given the company a major blow. The restriction that requires them to ask for permissions before they commit into any kind of business related operation has made it virtually impossible for them to make use of US technology.

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Huawei MateBook was received well and relies on Win10.

Waves of rejections begin with Google who won’t be providing Huawei smartphones with early future Android updates. Huawei can only make use of the open source code which is made available much later after the updates are released. Then, ARM which makes their Kirin processors and Intel that mainly powers up their notebooks.

Huawei won’t even get SD’s permission to include SD card standard in their phone nor Wi-Fi alliance membership. And this time, Microsoft made their big move to follow suit Trump’s new ban on Huawei.

Microsoft has recently officially cut loose ties with Huawei completely by withdrawing their service team from the headquarter in Shenzhen. Microsoft has also refused new orders from Huawei for their Windows System. Much of Huawei’s notebook relies on Windows’ OS, which means losing their access to this a big blow to their notebook production.

Huawei does have a reserve that will keep their production alive for up to a year, but before that, the company must quickly figure out a way out of this pinch.

Microsoft China and Huawei both have concluded that no information is needed to be shared regarding the dissolving partnership between them.

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