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Woman Gives Birth To Brother’s Son After Becoming Pregnant With His Partner’s Sperm


Woman Gives Birth To Brother’s Son After Becoming Pregnant With His Partner’s Sperm

They didn’t trust a stranger to be their surrogate.

The complexity for gay couples to acquire children through surrogacy or adoption has made Scott Cooper entrusted the job to his sister, Chapelle Cooper. The 27-year-old mother was pregnant with his brother’s partner’s sperm and recently gave birth to a daughter.

Scott and Michael were engaged in 2016 and a year later, they were looking into the various options to have kids. Adoption appears to be complicated while surrogacy involves a huge trust into a stranger and cost a lot of money.

It was Chapelle who proposed to become the ‘surrogate’ mother for their baby. The couple who lives in Blackpool released a statement on Facebook thanking Chapelle’s role:

“We are blown away by the strength, heart, and courage of Chapelle and will never be able to truly thank her for bringing us our perfect little bundle. We love you more than you know!”

Michael was especially thankful because he ‘have always wanted a baby of his own.’ This has become something of a dream come true to him. The experience has also made the three of them closer than ever.

Throughout the pregnancy, both Scott and Chris were especially careful and protective of Chapelle. They commented, “We weren’t going to be controlling about her diet and tell her what she could and couldn’t do, but we are control freaks by nature. We found ourselves really protective of her throughout the pregnancy.”

The baby girl is named Harper Elizabeth and is living with her parents in Blackpool. Chapelle will still hold an important role for her new baby girl and might become a doting aunt to her. Both Scott and Chris have also discussed to explain everything clearly to their daughter once she gets old enough on her origin.

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