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Zenfone 6 Vs. OnePlus 7 Pro Comparison

OnePlus has never entered the class equal to smartphones promoting the latest technology cramped inside a budget smartphone. And finally, they made their entrance into the market with their OnePlus 7 Pro that boasts a lot of improvements compared to OnePlus 6T.

On the other hand, Zenfone has never failed to annoy buyers with their cramped up bloatware. They don’t have the best product design either, but the least they could do would be to make one with incredible performance and comfortable use. Instead, we get drowned with bloatware. Zenfone 6 changed that all, and you might want to know what are the new changes.

And the battle ensues!

Where do we start? Let’s begin from what is visibly different.

Bezel. Both smartphones can be called bezeless, but you might actually notice a bit bezel on Zenfone 6. Yes, the screen to body ratio is 92% for Zenfone 6 meanwhile OnePlus 7 features edge screens suggesting a perfect bezeless look. Smooth.

Display. Zenfone 6 features LCD display, a surprising step ASUS took especially if they want to compete against monsters like OnePlus 7 Pro. Fluid AMOLED on this flagship product goes up to 90 Hz refresh rate which will definitely spoil anyone. A lot of people are sold for this.

Battery life. This part is a little bit trick and here’s why: the biggest energy draining part in a smartphone is usually the display. With Zenfone 6, this is not a problem because it lights up on LED. But with OnePlus 7 Pro, it’s become quite an issue even with their 5,000 mAh battery. Their 90 Hz refresh rate screen really drains the battery.

Charging time. OnePlus 7 Pro win with this one, featuring fast-charging that delivers 30 Watts power. Zenfone 6 pales in comparison, delivering only up to 18 Watts with its Quick Charge 4.0.

Camera. We can’t decide this one for you because both feature equally impressive cameras. Zenfone 6 comes with a breakthrough camera design; instead of popping up, it flips 180 degrees for rear or front camera. This cuts the cost of manufacturing two separate cameras like usual. OnePlus 7 Pro has a pop up camera with different front and rear camera.

May we add that ASUS camera is fancy since it can track object during a filming, for example. It also operates quicker compared to the motorized pop-up design.

Sound quality. OnePlus 7 Pro has Dolby Atmos sound while Zenfone 6, DTS Headphone X. But you might hate OnePlus 7 Pro for not having 3.5 mm jack due to their large battery.

Both smartphone has Snapdragon 855 as well as similar size. The only difference with their dimension worth mentioning would be that OnePlus 7 Pro weighs 10 grams heavier than Zenfone 6.

Price & value. Zenfone 6 starts at $499 while OnePlus 7 Pro from $669. The $200 is worth it for you who love to have a pristine, fluid display screen and ready to trade that for the lack of the 3.5 mm jack and battery life. Both smartphones have great value at that price.


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