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20 Pics Each Of Us Can Honestly Call, The ‘Story Of My Life’


20 Pics Each Of Us Can Honestly Call, The ‘Story Of My Life’

Why did I do that?

Nobody is perfect in life. But we can’t help to be super annoyed with these things that happen almost every day to us. From having to test the same key twice to get it to work to forgetting what you want to do after entering a room. Why are we like this?

And hilariously, we managed to at least take pictures of them and share the laughter. ‘Story of my life’ isn’t great, but at least, it’s worth laughing and relieving (your) stress from!

1. Bought two pairs in case OP lost one. He’s lost two of them.

© unknown / imgur

2. Woman: “I have nothing to wear!” (First World Problems)

© Augray_Sorn / reddit

3. When will the closet ever serve its purpose


4. What a relatable cat.

© FACOCERO / reddit

5. What is self-control?

© EikoTheBard / imgur

6. ‘Her side’.

© Nicofrank / reddit

7. “My friend opened a can of Coke today”

© mildlyinfuriating / reddit

8. Art in fallen spaghetti – Man who cannot draw.

© u/Man_E_No / reddit

9. “Google will remember it for you.”

© unknown / imgur

10. You parked in the wrong spot.

© mildlyinfuriating / reddit

11. When shoes make you look like you contracted a dangerous, contagious skin disease.

© u/leo1098 / reddit

12. It’s the time of digital. Digital entanglement.

© nkcmr / reddit

13. “I can’t wait to enjoy my 4-day wee-”

© LastToLetYouDown / reddit

14. “All I bought was a pack of hot dogs and also buns”

© o72763 / reddit

15. “5 seconds after you turn away from the mirror”

© dungbuggy / reddit

16. “Parisian metro during a regular day at 5 PM”

© UrbanHell / reddit

17. “Dropped the stirring spoon in my hot coffee”

© ciggiesandcoffee / reddit

18. “My name is Ian… This happens often”

© unknown / imgur

19. Tinder, bless-your-eyes edition.

© benez_seb / reddit

20. Why, toilet paper, why?!

© ThelittleAma 8 / reddit

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