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20 Times People Actually Did Their Job Right


20 Times People Actually Did Their Job Right

When you just generally don’t expect much from people.

In the days when people are able to manufacture watches that detect heartbeat accurately, doesn’t it baffle you that no chairs are still able to hang bags properly?

Really, it takes a few brain cells to understand the typical problems we all face in daily lives. Because we all have daily lives, we commonly complain about touching toilet doors, hates leaking cereal bags and simply wish the public care enough about our pets.

Well, be surprised because these 20 pictures will show you how beautiful the world is when people actually do their job right.

1. Privacy in a public bathroom.

© IsDinosaur / Reddit

2. No more stale cereal with such tight seals

© vvash / Reddit

3. USB charge ports in EVERY chair, instead of three. Is this real?

© chryllis / Reddit

4. Finally, someone gets the hygiene complaint.

© msiekkinen / Reddit

5. This aesthetic bench with an extendable part on the seat that becomes a table.

© beetlejewsbeetlejews / Reddit

6. This bucket that is actually compatible with wall faucet.

© 1NC3PT10N / Reddit

7. How many people will appreciate this charger?

© Unknown / Reddit

8. Finally, a proper way to hang your bags.

© 2040009 / Reddit

9. This frosted section on the bar so your drink stays cold and the ice stays ice.

© Wolfos31 / Reddit

10. No more the umpteenth time pulling the wrong string.

© hammurabi1337 / Reddit

11. Now, it’s actually made to also clean your glasses.

© Unknown / Reddit

12. Because we all can’t part from our phones.

© OMGLMAOWTF_com / Reddit

13. This elevator that literally lets you be hands-free.

© CarrollPC / Reddit

14. These things have locks and keys, so you can put them up to keep your parking space safe.

© nowhereman136 / Reddit

15. This revolutionary coffee break innovation.

© linkinstreet / Reddit

16. Parking spaces for dogs at IKEA in Berlin.

© GarethJeffersonJones / Twitter

17. No more ending up trying the same clothes twice.

© MagicIsPrettyMagical / Reddit

18. This markers that tell where the doors open.

© AG_Cracker / Reddit

19. A quiet restaurant is a dream.

© Rami1106 / Reddit

20. A heated panel placed behind the bathroom mirror, so it doesn’t get fogged up.

© -smish- / Reddit

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