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Amazing Moment! Seagull Grabs Gizmo The Chihuahua From A Garden Before Soaring Away


Amazing Moment! Seagull Grabs Gizmo The Chihuahua From A Garden Before Soaring Away

Fellow dog lovers, however, shared their concern on social media.

A depressing dog owner has issued an appeal to find her miniature Chihuahua that was snatched from her garden in Devon by a seagull. The 4-Years old dog was playing behind Becca Hill’s House when the bird pounced.

Becca Hill has been left distraught after Gizmo the Chihuahua was taken from a garden in Devon

The described brown and white dog, whose breed only permit about nine inches tall, has not been seen after being snatched by a gull on Sunday afternoon. Seagulls are recognized to be very aggressive when safeguarding their young, or when their chicks are starving.

The four-year-old dog was carried away by the seagull

Becca wrote on Facebook today: ‘My baby is still missing. Doesn’t feel right not waking up to him licking my face.’

And today, Becca Hill, the mother of one explained to those finding her Chihuahua, that her baby is still missing, adding that it doesn’t feel right not waking up every morning with him licking her face. She equally has been targeted by cruel trolls, who have kept her missing dog hotline engaged with prank calls.

An aerial map shows the road where Gizmo was snatched

The 24-Year explained that her partner was in the garden, putting the washing out during that period and suddenly saw a gull swoop down into the garden.

This poster is being circulated in a bid to find Gizmo 

Becca partner was putting out the washing when the dog was snatched

“The creature carried Gizmo in a fair manner that we couldn’t see him at all. I had no idea if he was later dropped or where he could be right now.” Becca added.

Becca and her partner saw the seagull swoop down into their garden

Becca had been devastated since when her partner told her Gizmo was gone, accordingly, her six-year daughter has also been distraught with the news.

The couple now have no idea where Gizmo is

‘Please, please, please, anyone finds a Chihuahua he’s mine a seagull has taken him from my garden. Paignton. Have a really upset 6-years old missing her dog.’ Becca wrote on Facebook Page.

Stanley Gardens, Devon, where Gizmo was taken on Sunday

Fellow dog lovers have however shared their concern on social media. One wrote: “ We pray Gizmo will be found very soon. Big hugs to his family × Seagulls can do nasty things, I am wholeheartedly sorry to say.”

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