Boy Refuses To Move His Legs On A Metro, Someone Captures His Reaction When A Guy Sits On His Legs

My generation used to have parents ready with belts in their hands if we’re not back by dinnertime. We get an earful for hours for lacking manners and it’s a good enough reason to even starve kids back in the 1950s. But 2019 is surely a year to be alive because just look at this kid.

Image credits: da_drought_3

This entitled kid chose to lean on his mother and the pole with his legs up on the chair. He doesn’t let it down for others to sit and THREE people have been shooed off just like that. We are never fond of ignorant, arrogant kids, but a sight like this is surely common. Parenting in 2019 has been depressing.

That is until a capeless hero walks in and decided to just SIT on his legs. Yeah, that’s all it takes to make him remember his legs will break at that point and wakes his mother up in rage for missing her stop.

Image credits: da_drought_3

What happens after that? Well, we get more memes materials thanks to this bratty boy who got his lessons in the best way ever.

Image credits: da_drought_3
Image credits: da_drought_3
Image credits: da_drought_3

At over 47k shares, this boy is viral on the Internet and so is the hero who have been praised for his satisfying actions. What started with a disapproving looks from other passengers turned into a beautiful smile because a boy has been taught manners.

Image credits: da_drought_3
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Hadley Stewart

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