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Bring Back Home Economics Class, Our Kids Lack Basic Life Skills; Parents Urge Educationists


Bring Back Home Economics Class, Our Kids Lack Basic Life Skills; Parents Urge Educationists

For most people schooled  in the 90s backwards, home economics or family and consumer science must have been part of the curcullum. Back the, kids wwere taught the basic skills needed in the daily life. In the courses, girls were taught to cook, sew, manage a home budget and finances. While young boys were taught to use tolls and fix things.

According to the Huffington Post:

“Home Economics was there for a few reasons — apparently good ones —  if you believed the prevailing thoughts of the times:

1. To teach young girls to be good housekeepers and wives  (This was apparently very important)

2. To teach young girls to cook, sew, clean and know everything about running a household (because it was their God-given role in life, after all)

3. To provide young girls with life skills (These apparently were all of the skills that were needed: cooking, cleaning, sewing, and baking).”

On the other hand,

“Shop class, conversely, was based on the following premises:

1. That boys would grow up to be men, and men build and fix things (Obviously while their wives cooked, cleaned and sewed at home)

2. That “real men” had certain skills — Building, fixing, and making things, usually including drills, hacksaws, and wood (such skills were required because they were the sole means of getting any manual labor or fixing done around the house)

3. That while making, building and fixing things, someone else would be doing the heavy lifting at home (Childrearing, cooking, cleaning, and sewing was “women’s work,” after all)”

Obviously, this gender paradigm has shifted over the years. The concept of a traditional family has been revamped with positive and negatve changes made altogether.

Currently, the school education curriculum lacks such programmes. Most educationists believe that such lesons do not offer a competitive chance of making leaners successful out there. Schools choose to stick with tthings like normal center and capability- based learning with constrained subsidizng.

However, some parents are starting to realize that the modern education system does not equip their children with basic skills to survive in the world as an adult.

There is no dobut that history, arithmetic and sciences are vital but home financial matters served to teach students about the needed skills like cooking and fiancé managemtnt.

Acording to recent American journal:

“These courses haven’t left totally, yet their quality in schools is diminishing. In 2012, there were just 3.5 million understudies taken a crack at Family Consumer Science auxiliary projects.” which is a 38 percent abatement over 10 years. “

More over a statement from th President of the Association of Teacher Educators for Family and Consumer sciences Susan Turgeson says, Classes may now incorporate subjects, for example, network planting, treating the soil, and even hydroponics-things you never would have found in a 1950’s classroom.”

However there are people who totally see no sense in revisting the Home Ec and Shop classes; regarding it a total waste of time. What do you think?

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