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Check Out These 20 Animals Who’ve Lost Their Sense Of Shame


Check Out These 20 Animals Who’ve Lost Their Sense Of Shame

‘Get off the phone, I need a walk’

Animals are fun to be with – particularly the friendly ones. While some animals chooses not be nice and cuddly, some can also be extremely destructive around your homes.

And once you have such pets, nothing can stop them, as they will strive at all costs to get what they actually wanted. It is even worse when they require your attention, they disregard any set rules that you might have placed on them.

However, we at Waterballoon believe animals are quite similar to Humans – We, humans are only blessed with Higher Intelligence.  Here’s a photo collection that proves that they equally seek for attention.

#1 Black cat said no


#2 Get off the phone, I need a walk

© Calcd_Uncertainty / Reddit  

#3 Don’t put plants here

© sukbot95 / Reddit 

#4 These sitting room needs a re-design

© joshclay / Reddit  

#5 My AirPods got reshaped, my dog did has a good idea

© d1le0n / Reddit  

#6 You can’t sleep when i have not eaten

© Unknown / Reddit  

#7 So much emotion in here

© primal-chaos / Reddit  

#8 Don’t tell me what to do, just keep off

© Devi97 / Reddit  

#9 Am up now, kindly grab me some catnip

© thrusher / Reddit  

#10 I want to be a doctor too

© betterthanfire / Reddit  

#11 Oops my dog stole my cheese toast! Really


#12 I have to utilize this space. What a quiet garden

© Anonymousopotamus / Reddit  

#13 What’s happening with the yoga blocks

© UniPegaSaurus27 / Reddit  

#14 Don’t trust me ok!

© Emptysiteweed / Reddit  

#15 We are not friends anymore! Don’t talk to me

© Risky-Biznue / Reddit  

#16 I am Jerk

© victimm / Pikabu  

#17 You can’t sleep if I don’t! I need my space

© weasley24601 / Reddit  

#18 Now I can sit down too

© leeeemonz / Imgur  

#19 Making my bed comfortable

© rolonic / Reddit  

#20 Loving my new built home

© Unknown / Reddit  

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