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College Student Calls Out Sister For Posting Fake Instagram Hiking Photos


College Student Calls Out Sister For Posting Fake Instagram Hiking Photos

The pictures were actually taken in a backyard.

A flaunting Instagram influencer learned the lesson of her life after telling lies online. Her loving sister exposed her for faking an Instagram hiking photo and has however left the internet in laughter.

College student Carly Sosnowski called out her sister Casey for faking an Instagram post

Casey Sosnowski, a freshman at Florida Atlantic University, had believed that her recent Instagram post will earn her some attention from her followers, but rather it has been shot to a very different viral fame – a big thanks to her elder sister, Carly.

Casey Sosnowski posted this image of herself on Instagram, tagging the location as a hiking trail in Florida

Carly, who’s a Sophomore at Florida International University, took to Twitter to tell users that the pictures were actually taken in the family’s backyard – this was after Casey shared a photo of herself on a hike.

Casey sister pointed out that the image of the ‘hiking trail’ was actually snapped in their backyard

Sharing a genuine snap of her sister posing in their backyard with a water bottle, Carly said: “My sister said she was going hiking….this is actually our backyard.” Accordingly, the elder sister equally shared a grab of Casey’s Instagram post where she was witnessed wearing a pink legging, white crop top, a visor, and a sneaker, posing in front of a wooded area.

Casey (left) said she found the prank by Carly (right) pretty funny, but admitted that she never expected the tweet to get much attention

Casey had tagged her location to be the Lake Okahumpka Park and Trail and added a caption that reads: “Nature is the ultimate healer to all of our problems.#Naturelovers#

Garnering about 30 likes before being shamed by her sister, Carly’s tweet exposing her younger sister has an inspiring 275,000 likes and about 40,000 retweets and comments in less than 7 days.

‘I feel personally attacked.’  

Nevertheless, Carsey explained to Insider that she felt her sister’s post was hilarious and admitted that she had no idea that her post will become popular as it did.

Dozens of people responded to the tweet:

“I felt it was hilarious. I’m a pretty chill person, so it didn’t bother me and then I blow it up and I was like oh my gosh.” Carly said.

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