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Experts Advise You To Do This If Your Partner Never Says The Magical “I Love You”


Experts Advise You To Do This If Your Partner Never Says The Magical “I Love You”

“To be on the safe side, make your concerns sound as genuine as they possibly can. At this stage, the fate of your relationship is hanging on a balance[…]”

Love is one of the most sought after magical things in the universe. Sure, being inlove feels magical But with the amazing feeling comes an added baggage most people are struggling to keep in check- relationships. Together, these two have become one of the most sought after theatrical bases. Playwrights, book authors, poet, and even songwriters have all scrammed for a piece of it, and there’s still much more is left for the ordinary person.

In relationships, weird and unpredictable things happen; most times requiring patience, self-control and a lot of compromises to keep everything sane. With everything that lives, every relationhsip goes through milestone momemnts ; the jittery first date, the magical first kiss down to the first fight. But nothing gets more attention than the first time the three special words are invoked’ I love you’. For most, this is when things get very serious and many people find it a big deal if their partners never say utter these words.

The timing, intention, and truth behind these three magical words are the make and break of any relationship. Like every relationship, people are also unique and sometimes there is often a partner who has never said the three words. This could put a lot of strain a relationship putting the two in a lot of internal strife.

However, each relationship is unique and so is the cenario in which these words are said. Thereore, there is no need to feel jittery about th situation.

According to Trina Lecki, breakup BOOSTpodcast Host, you might be the problem, especially in one situation. If you need to be constantly assured that you’re loved. This might arise from insecurities deeply rooted in a past traumatic event and a hidden need for attention and affection. At least, in this situation, the best thing is to reassess yourself and seek professional consellin if need be.

Afterall, the need to be constantly assured may be a sign of an underlying mental condition which may be detrimental to your relationship later on unless nipped in the bud.

Then there are partners who have never said it at all. This is a genuine causeof concern; moreso because they might not have made up their mind, thefore you might come off as alittle pushy. In other instances, they might be toying with your feelings and are not having longterm plans that involve you. In this cenario at least, a conversation of sorts has to be initiated by you.

To be on the safe side, make your concerns sound as genuine as they possibly can. At this stage, the fate of your relationship is hanging on a balance, hence the task wont be easy as such.

To do this, its best to be subtle and avoid jumping the gun. Before initiating the conversation, make sure you are both in a comfortable place with lots of privacy. Preferably, a place that holds lots of memory for both of you. Start off the conversation by talking about things that interest you both. Once the conversation starts to kick in, subtly convey the problem of them not saying the words as often as you say to them.  Make sure to convey how such words of affirmation mean to you.

Well, there are two ways thiw will go. But from their reaction, short-term and long-term, you would be able to gauge the trajectory of your relationship. You will laso be able to know if they prioritize you and the relationship and to what degree.

If you meet halfway and they decide to mend their way, well, you found youself a lucky catch. If not, the best thing to do is to get out of the unhealthy one-sided relationship. As dating coach Julia Bekker says, you don’t want them saying it to make you feel better.

If you put in so much of your energy, time and effort in a relationship that doesn’t carter for your emotional needs, then you are better off reevaluating the value of your own time, energy and attention. Afterall, its not too much to ask to be loved despite your history in relationships.

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