FlexTime Let You Pretend You’re Friends With Celebrities, Influencers Like Kim Kardashian

With more than 40 celebrities and influencers to choose from, FlexTime is making users cooler than they actually are by tricking them to believe they are friends with and interacting with celebrities. 

The trending app which allows users to stimulate a FaceTime call by using clips from Instagram stories and live streams are save using a basic screen recorded – and are in turn played back as a standard FaceTime call that users can interact with to make their personal videos.


Beginning as a possible stunt for Brooklyn-based creative agency, MSCHF, FaceTime is seen as of importance to a generation of kids and was given a quickly picked up speed, Strategist Daniel Greenberg reveals.

He added “Millennials are all about texting. Everyone my age and younger are always FaceTiming. I have gone to many a bar in Brooklyn and pretended that I was talking to Post Malone and so people have believed it.”

Discuss, Ask Questions – All happens with FlexTime

FlexTime, which is regarded as a spontaneous FaceTime refers to people mostly under the age of 25, who will call a friend on FaceTime to ask questions or create a discussion session. Specifically, FlexTime leans into the desire of talking with friends face to face by allowing users to create an illusion for strangers and friends as well as engage with their favorite artists and celebrities respectively. Users who download the app will, however, have the ability to trick their friends as well as create funny videos.

Seeing its prospects, five Instagram and YouTube Influencers – Bryce Hall, Tydus Talbott, Joey Birlem, Millan Mirabella and KushiPapa are currently working with FlexTime to create personalized landing pages for fans. This will be used for exclusive simulated FaceTime discussion.

While each of the influencers has a cumulative of over 10million followers and subscribers across their platforms, their career is largely hinged on engaging and an active fan base.

Are You Interested?


The app, FlexTime is now available for download on your desktop or mobile phone. A browser version has been made available for everyone – You can’t, however, share recordings while the mobile version exists via a third party app known as Monkey.

This permits users to share their recordings on Twitter and Instagram. It will interest you to know that the web version has about 25 celebrities to choose from and close to 40 celebrities and influencers in the mobile app. Hopefully soon, more celebrities will be added, but for now, enjoy these while they last. I mean, we mean download and meet with the celebrity you’ve been dying to see.

Owen Cooper

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