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Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5: Why I Wanted Episode 3 To Be The Finale


Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5: Why I Wanted Episode 3 To Be The Finale

Not the kind of penultimate episode we all expected. By the way, spoilers and disappointments ahead from episode 5.

Game of Thrones sent the world on a whirlwind as they set out to conclude the long-running, fantasy TV show with their eighth season. Of course, the writers had to come up with something to conclude the story since George R. R. Martin is planning for seven books and is currently writing the sixth book.

When writers decided to stray away from the actual story line from the book, we know it’s never going to be good. History has proven this over and over again, but here’s the thing: the producer, writer, and everyone didn’t just carefully tread over the dangerous path. They blasted it through with Drogon’s fiery breath. Literally.

I didn’t set my hope high; I shouldn’t be with the books still possibly a decade away from finishing. But I did expected the team to at least write a decent ending just so the whole season’s awesomeness doesn’t just go down the drain.

Oh, boy, how wrong I was.

Perhaps you haven’t caught up, so be warned. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Where do I start?

Okay, let’s begin from the part where the movie decided to enter a full-fledged war when the first 10 minutes began with Tyrion Lannister begging Daenerys to pull off her troops if King’s Landing declares defeat. Of course, that is after we witness the execution of possible the best strategist among the Seven Kingdom, Lord Varys, by incineration. Why?

He slipped his tongue regarding Jon Snow’s true parentage.

The march towards King’s Landing gate continues and the debate ensues. Of course, Dany did not forget to lay the last warning for Tyrion as his crippled brother is captured escaping the army’s line.


Took another, maybe 5 minutes, for Tyrion to talk and encouraged Kingslayer, Jaime Lannister to escape with his help. But this time, Tyrion wants him to escape with Cersei because he is 100% sure King’s Landing will fall. The Red Keep will be taken, or so we thought, Dany.

Jaime couldn’t make it in time, the battle ensues, but guess how it did.


With baby dragons theory debunked, this still picture IS a picture of Euron Greyjoy surprised of Drogon’s appearance. But it’s not because it’s a dragon, it’s because it was a surprise attack on all the scorpions to make sure Dany doesn’t lose her last fire-breathing child. Took about 2-3 minutes for the fleet, and maybe 5 minutes on the city’s scorpion and mind you, Daenarys was avoiding contact with civilians.

Yeah, glad to see Dany didn’t forget about the Iron Fleet this time.

Meanwhile, the Golden Company was, heh…


I feel so bad for them. If they were like other mercenaries, they would’ve fled the battlefield and avoid becoming burnt kebabs. Dany blasted through the line from behind the gate. Fancy to see that none of them saw a big dragon flying behind them with all that noises, but okay.

Now, Drogon is practically unbeatable with all the giant x-bows down. Unless you can fly and somehow magically stab through the dragon’s skin right in the heart or in the head, the city is a lost cause. And at this point, everyone was waiting for Cersei.


In the beginning, she had this evil smile as if she was going to win. When it seems pretty obvious to all the characters (but not the viewers), that she was going to lose. The dragon perched on one building, Dany looking at Cersei standing on the Red Keep and Jon Snow leading his army, tension arises between the two sides.

Eventually, the army admitted defeat, but it wasn’t clear who rang the bell. It looked like Jaime was walking towards it? But Cersei didn’t speak a single word about it either, but it rang anyway. So, there you go, King’s Landing fallen and Dany got the Iron Throne back. Yay!

Oh, no, it gets worse from here onward.

For the remainder of the episode, it was all about Daenerys blasting the crap out of everything in King’s Landing. She didn’t forget to destroy King’s Landing and finally the civilians. While it looked like Jon tried to keep his army in control, Grey Worm had better ideas. Let’s kill everyone!


And then, there is Arya Stark who walked into the castle and Sandor who decided to tell her that it’s a bad idea. So, she walked in and then walked out while Sandor got into a deciding fight with his big brother.

Right before the penultimate episode ended, it showed Jaime who managed to be reunited and rekindle with Cersei who begged, “I don’t want to die,” which was followed with the fallen ruins of Red Keep covering the two. Wasn’t sure if they died or not, but, oh well. Either way, the show was going to ruin them.

It ended with Arya Stark witnessing the remnants of a mother and her daughter who had kind of bonded with Arya during the war. The two was reduced to ash with Dany’s unsparing kills.

And to think this is the same person who said, “Mercy is our strength.”

Episode 3 was the peak of this season with the longest battle ever played on screen after the legendary trilogy, Lord of the Rings. Although it was too dark to see anything at all but okay. It was great to see people working together, to see Daenerys being a badass. But if it took only one dragon to finish them all, then why not from the beginning? Why was she talking about mercy when she was so covered in anger and revenge (which is pretty common nowadays in the GoT universe) and blasted the crap out of everything?

Why was there not a single dialogue referring to what was going on, because we all need very good explanations of what the writers are trying to achieve. Or better, the whole series should have ended with Season 7.

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