Greek Island Is Paying People $565 And Giving Them A Plot Of Land To Live There

An island in Greece is paying people €500 or about $565 per month if they are willing to relocate to the remote island with only 24 permanent residents currently. The stipend also includes a plot of land they can build their home or business on.

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The Island of Antikythera

In the summer, the number of locals increased to 40, but it’s still not enough to have a thriving community. The island is located between Crete and Kythira and can be reached by plane from Athens which takes 45 minutes.

Those who are willing to relocate to the island will be funded for three years by the Greek Orthodox Church. So far, the scheme has accepted four families with three kids and more.

The island used to have 300+ population in the early 20th century. Youngsters are, however, moving to the mainlands for work, leaving the elderly behind. Thus, the scheme is meant to invite people and revive the society on the island.

There are several professions families can work on to thrive in here, according to Andreas Charchalakis, the president of the local Antikythera council. Fishermen, bakers, stock-farmers, and builders will definitely make ends meet and even more, considering the provided stipend.

The downside? There are no ATM machines, no banks and definitely no department stores. Only a few stores are open and selling basic daily needs. Fresh produces are all grown on the island along with wine.

Good news: they do have electricity and internet connection.

Greek families are prioritized, but the offer also opens to families of all nationalities. Most of all, the island has beautiful views, peaceful neighborhood, and definitely a great way to help your kids connect to nature while enjoying your life to the fullest.

Isabelle Ross

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