‘IT Chapter Two’ Hits No. 1 With $91 Million

Leveraging on the ideology of Pennywise the domestic box office has received the much-needed jerking as the recent Warner Bros IT chapter two floats up to $91 million, an impressive beginning to the experienced fall after a monotonous summer with series of movie season.

Although the ticket sales of the IT:chapter two falls a little behind the mind-blowing sales of the previous chapter which was at $123 in 2017, this second version of the movie ‘IT’ still retained a rating of the second-best horror opening of all times and the second-highest bow in this September, just behind the original version of IT which has been adjourned the highest-rated horror film hitting a world-wide record of $700.

IT chapter two which was directed by Andy Muschietti came with the needed victory for Warner Bros following the depressing summer that was accompanied with disappointing productions like “Godzilla: King of the monsters, The Kitchen as well as Shaft”.

Across borders, the chapter two version of the IT: Chapter two movie startled up a whopping $94 million for a universal entrance of $185 million.

Warner Bros president of domestic distribution, Jeff Goldstein noted that he was thrilled with the result from the IT chapter two. He revealed further that Andy Muschietti, New Line and the entire marketing team overseen by Blair created an atmosphere where everything worked out fine, making the company proud.

Nonetheless, the R-rated movie has not gotten as much endorsement as its predecessor ‘IT’. The movie rating site Rotten Tomatoes placed IT: chapter two at a rating of 64 percent while its predecessor ‘IT’ had 87 percent rating. Despite this, viewers gave IT: Chapter Two the same cinema score of B+ as the previous version.


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