John Legend Helps Pampers Install 5,000 Changing Tables In Men’s Restroom

In this modern world, many people are getting acquainted with the fact that taking care of a child is not solely a mother’s responsibility. Fathers across the world are speaking up for the recognition they deserve. 

The traditional notion of believing that women should be provided with all the necessities needed in public places to take care of their kids has remained a major problem.

And one biggest example is the lack of changing tables in the men’s public bathroom and toilet. Hopefully, the recent campaign with the hashtag #squatforchange if gone viral enough will bring the deserved positive change.

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Just recently, a man named Donte Palmer displayed how fathers had to change their child’s diapers in public bathroom since there’s an absence of changing tables for men.  


In a viral photo clip seen, Donte was witnessed squatting in a public toilet while trying to change his child’s diaper on his knees.

Right after Donte’s photo went viral on the internet, many men indicated their support by snapping themselves squatting in public bathrooms.


Afterward, the initiative caught John Legend and Pamper’s attention.


Due to the #Squatforchange campaign, pampers partnered with John Legend and KoalaKare to install 5,000 new changing tables in public bathrooms and toilets.

Watch this video to learn more:

Many people have however commended the initiative and also indicated their total support:

Easton Hughes

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