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‘Lucifer’ Season 4 Dropped On May 8 And Here’s Why You Should Binge Watch The Series


‘Lucifer’ Season 4 Dropped On May 8 And Here’s Why You Should Binge Watch The Series

A lot of people don’t understand the attraction of the source of Evil, the Devil himself until Tom Ellis came. ‘Lucifer’ Season 4 was released on May 8 with 10 episodes all at once after fans put up #SaveLucifer hashtag everywhere.

Yes, you can actually see fans plaguing official Twitter account of Netflix, Fox and Warner Bors. TV series with the hashtag. It wasn’t surprising since the series was cancelled previously but Netflix picked up the series and released it. This is but another great save from Netflix of precious TV shows we know deserve the chance.

And now that Season 4 is officially out, you should be binge-watching the series! What are you doing here?

Not sure why? Here are valid, solid, sexy- I mean, logical reasons to start watching Lucifer.

1. Tom Ellis is one hell of an actor

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Warner Bros.

This series revolves around a fallen angel, notoriously known as Lucifer or the Devil. He is the Prince of Darkness and currently resides in Los Angeles. If you haven’t seen the plot yet, Lucifer is roaming about the Earth, searching for excitement.

Tom does a really great job at keeping his appearance perfect because Lucifer is still an angel. He spits out puns and innuendos as Lucifer Morningstar the way others can’t.

2. Lucifer Morningstar is irresistible

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Warner Bros.

And that is what Lucifer believes because he charms people left and right. Lucifer, being the bad angel, has the power to stir up their innermost desires and tells him what it is. This is one of his supernatural power and let’s just say, Chloe Decker is the only woman who was not affected by his charms.

3. It’s crime and police procedural thing

Warner Bros.

Thankfully, Lucifer Morningstar got himself involved with a female detective who works in the homicide department. Chloe Decker herself is a charming and kick-ass who have successfully repressed Lucifer’s advances many times.

The duo works on many crime cases involving dangerous murderers and yeah. The Devil who has fingers pointed at him for being the source of evil is now helping mankind in trouble from being evil.

4. No damsel in distress

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Warner Bros.

The thing that we hate about shows portraying a strong hero is how every female in the show acts like damsels in distress. No. As a homicide detective, Decker is a strong, independent woman herself and that’s what makes her so attractive.

In addition, a lot of other female characters, like Dr. Linda Martin a psychotherapist who slowly gained points to become Lucifer’s friends, are also determined women who are capable of taking of themselves. It’s not that every woman should kickass and shoot guns when they are in trouble. But it’s definitely refreshing when women are strong and independent.

5. Beautiful chemistry

Lucifer Morningstar is paired with Chloe Decker, but what’s amazing about this couple are the smooth pickup lines, the occasional teasing, and Lucifer’s beautiful voice.

Decker rejects Lucifer’s temptation outright, but Lucifer’s nonstop seduction continues throughout every season. Despite Lucifer’s power, he couldn’t subdue her and feels challenged to do so.

But the chemistry they show is just gold. Aside from romantic feelings, the two show incredible respect for each other and are even truthful. Blunt, actually.

So, there you go. The five reasons Lucifer should be your next show to binge and wait dearly on for the next season.

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