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Man Hide Giants That He Build From Wood In The Wilderness Of The Belgian Forest


Man Hide Giants That He Build From Wood In The Wilderness Of The Belgian Forest

What amazing skills and creativity!

Thomas Dambo is a woodworker responsible for the random giant trolls popping up all across the wilderness of America, South Korea, and Denmark. Recently uploaded on Boredpanda are more of his works featuring 7 giant trolls hidden in the Belgian forest.

Along with the pictures, Dambo put a description of his works:

“I build giant wooden trolls around the world and hide them in wilderness and forests. By doing this, I hope to lure people away from concrete cities and computer screens, into the wild and reconnect them with the natural world. I build all my enormous sculptures of recycled materials to show the potential in this precious material, which is often discarded and becomes a threat to the natural world.”

The creative man has also multiple hidden trolls project spread across the world. You can also check out more of his works on his site. Credits of these pictures go to Thomas Dambo.

Dambo was a carpenter and has graduated from Kolding School of design.

He has always loved building things and wood is his favorite media. But the tedious life of a carpenter bored him as he sought out for more meaning in his works. And so, since 2011, Dambo has been going around Denmark to build magical things.

Many of them began as a small curiosity Dambo has and he’s not afraid to express that as an adult. Below is the meticulous work Dambo and his partners pour into the seven giant trolls.

Along with the pictures, Dambo also included a video of where he speaks the story of the ‘The 7 Trolls and The Magical Tower’.

Here’s the text.

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