Meet Salvador Dolly, The Attractive Puppy With A Handlebar Mustache

Virtually all pets – particularly puppies are cute and unique in their own way. Many of these puppies have the most adorable big eyes while others have a charming fluffiness.

There are even some who have won hearts of many by just being their goofy selves. I guess you know, there are some puppies that stand out in the crowd, with their uncommon colors that catch the mind.

There are even puppies that appear like pandas and then there are some puppies that have impressive facial hair.

More info:

Let introduce you to Salvador Dolly – an adorable puppy from Dallas

Salvador Dolly is a shelter puppy that hailed from Dallas. She rocks a dramatic mustache extending from one side of her lip to the other. Dolly is also part of a litter of 11 and presently lives in foster care in New York.

To find out more about Dolly, Bored Panda has reached out to Hearts and Bones Rescue.

“It’s the season of puppy in Dallas and there are always multiple mothers with litters at the shelter.” Allison Seelig from Hearts and Bones Rescue said.

“Specifically, the Dallas Animal Services is recognized as a shelter with the third uppermost figure of animals in the entire country.

The shelter takes in mama and her 11 babies as strays and cared for them for about two weeks.

The puppies are however at the very risk of feeling sick within the shelter environment so we agreed to get them out.” Allison added.

And interestingly, within 1 week, the family of 12 got moved out of the shelter straight into foster care.

A big thanks to the partnership between Heart & Bones Rescue and Dallas Animal Services.  


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