Nestle Plans To Launch A Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate Kitkat

Planning to use cocoa leftovers as a sweetener, Nestle has responded to the growing pressure in reducing the number of sugars in products by producing a no added sugar Kitkat Chocolate.

The Food Brand, well-known for snacks like Yorkies and Kitkats has revealed a new sugar substitute which means bar entail just 40% less of the sweet ingredients. And now, the company has used it to generate sugar-free dark chocolate KitKat.

Nestle is releasing a new dark chocolate KitKat in Japan this autumn

Going on sale in Japan this Autumn, the alternative was derived from the leftover materials from cocoa plants. It is recognized as a white, pulpy substance that contains naturally arising sugars.

Presently, Nestle is using a kind of patented technology to turn the cocoa pulp into a powder and then add it to the chocolate.

It’s the first time the pulp has ever been used as a sweetener for chocolate

While the Cocoa pulp surrounds the cocoa beans, the recipe has been used to produce about 70% dark chocolate KitKat bars, named Cacao Fruit Chocolate. Being the first of its kind, the pulp has normally been considered as a waste product.

Also planning to use the same recipe for milk and white chocolate, Alexander Von Maillot, Head of Nestle’s Confectionery Business said using the Pulp makes it more premium chocolate, adding that Sugar is a cheap ingredient.

The new KitKat bar has 40 percent less sugar

‘The sugar reduction is incidental, not a focus. It’s more about a novel way to produce chocolate and use the best of the cocoa pod.’ Alexander added.

With the KitKat bar having about 40% less sugar when compared to others which contain added sugar, Nestle’s current dark chocolate Kitkats has about 12.3 grams of sugar per serving.

The brand’s current dark chocolate KitKats have 12.3 grams of sugar per serving

Officially, the Cacoa Fruit Chocolate will be made available as a Japan Kitkat product.


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