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Why Adding Ginger To Your Diet Can Lengthen Your Life Span


Why Adding Ginger To Your Diet Can Lengthen Your Life Span

Is anyone still seeking a way to lengthen their life span? Well, we haven’t found the legendary fruit that Qing Emperor was searching for. But recent discoveries tell us of the tremendous benefits ginger possess.

In fact, it’s legitimately a magic food, because how else can you call it?

Let’s talk about the taste first. Ginger is known to taste slightly spicy and ‘hot’. I’d known, my mother is crazy about ginger. She inhales them every time we enter a Japanese restaurant that serves ginger for free.

Ginger makes our body feel warm, which is more of the main reason many people consume it. From Indonesia to China, ginger is a traditional remedy for nausea caused by motion sickness, cold, digestive problems, etc. If you have heard of a popular Indonesian motion sickness remedy, Tolak Angin, it contains a high concentration of ginger. Let’s just say, it has saved my life a couple of time, I have terrible motion sickness when it hits.

The study was published in Food and Chemical Toxicology and the result was incredible. Ginger has the ability to become a protective agent against dangerous chemicals that humans may accidentally or indirectly consume, such as pesticides and heavy metals.

For women who often wear makeup, ginger is a must in your diet to repel the chemicals contained in them.

From this conclusion, researchers were encouraging further research into using these properties in cancer treatment that involves radiation treatment and chemotherapy.

And there are more studies to support the good things about ginger.

A study of 44 people who were told to consume 1 teaspoon of ginger a day for 12 weeks. Nobody knew if they really put in ginger in the capsules they eat every day. Everyone was given the same advice: increase exercise, increase daily intake of fiber and reduce cholesterol.

What happened was as follows:

daily consumption of just that teaspoon of ground ginger a day ‘resulted in a significant decrease in inflammatory marker levels,’ and improvements in liver function tests, and a drop in liver fat. All for 5 cents worth of ginger powder a day.

Dr. Michael Greger

Most incredible founding yet

Ginger contains zingerone, a substance that helps in protecting cells from being exposed to radiation. At least, it has been shown to protect white blood cells in vitro (petri dish). Doctors have synthetic compounds that help protect the cells from radiation, but their use has to be tightly regulated.

Natural ingredients, however, pose little to no side-effects, yet, can still be ten times more effective than synthetic materials. The ginger is found to be ‘150 times more powerful and without the side effects of the drug’.

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