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28 Hilarious Times People Want Plates For Their Meal And Restaurants Failed To Deliver


28 Hilarious Times People Want Plates For Their Meal And Restaurants Failed To Deliver

Not sure if they were trying to be different, funny or weird.

You know, it’s easy to understand that managing a restaurant is more than just cooking and serving. A lot of things happen in the background – ingredient management, idea brainstorming and possibly a lot of screaming. Restaurants are also demanded to prepare stocks of plates, forks, spoons, and knives for eating because customers can accidentally break them, your employees’ hand could slip while cleaning them, etc.

Others just want to be different from others. Food presentation is important, not only because it raises the appetite of the customers, but also allow them to share the unique look of how the food is served or plated, increasing the exposure of their restaurant.

Well, that actually depends on the tag that goes together with it because you can either be a temporary fad or a successful one-of-a-kind restaurant. Below are examples of temporary fads (and sad people who had to go through them).

1. Apple Pastry Desert, steaming hot on (an image of) an Apple™ plate.


2. Meringue is served on a magnetically floating pillow. Cool, except that it took 5 minutes for the employees to do this.


3. She got her plate! Upside down.


4. Steaming buns and fries in an enclosed bowl. Just so you can make a mess out of soggy burgers and fries.

5. A spoonful of cheese foam on the back of your hand. They can’t afford plates and washing them.


6. Bloody Mary in a bloody fry basket.


7. Took woman 6 months to show this: Food was served on a urinal in Cuba.


8. This isn’t new, except that it’s usually the other way around – curry in the bowl not out of the bowl.


9. Ravioli served on the clothesline. Cute.


10. Impaled broccoli just so they look like trees. They look horrendous in reality.


11. That’s a jar for keeping, not eating.


12. When I order nachos for my family, 6 nachos on a clothesline is only 1/4 of what I usually eat.


13. This is animal torture because fish needs oxygen and the plate prevents them from breathing.


14. That’s actually a good presentation. Probably not if the meat came from that rat.


15. Employee shovels your food. Literally.


16. When we say ‘chips’ we meant a lot. Not three on a piece of log.


17. Messy, dirty, hard to eat on – simply bizarre and non-functional.


18. Raspberry ice cream is good. Less on a twig and much less on a twig that is stuck in a rock.


19. Pizza slices on hooks. When have we ever complained about pizzas served normally?


20. Pizza served on a snowboard. Just tell me that one has been cleaned.


21. Soup served in a sandbox. I have hygiene-related questions.


22. You couldn’t afford a plate, so you went with glasses?


23. Cocktail in a hollow stone. No straw. Guess it’s time to get your own metal straws just in case.


24. Sunbathing mom with unborn kids.


25. Food plating on a bone.


26. Italian cuisine served in a wine bottle.


27. Lady Gaga inspired? Trying to appeal the kids? Does this mean we’re going to have two stark na**d ladies after a hotpot?


28. Three nuggets served in a shoe.


These presentations are weird, but some people take it to the next level. They take food as inspiration for their makeup.

Enough weirdness? Okay, here are really good cake decor that will heal your soul. No weirdness. Promise!

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