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Prince William Was Rejected By An American Named Meghann In College Days

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Prince William Was Rejected By An American Named Meghann In College Days

No, this is the daughter of a Texan billionaire, Meghann.

Before you get worried, everything ends well for everyone in this love story. And just like every other college times, we experience love, infatuations, and rejections that simply become lessons for us to become better. Prince William, being a member of the royal family, experienced that all.

Prince William attended St. Andrew’s and like many men, he enjoys the presence of a beautiful woman. Apparently, the Prince had a crush on a lady in his class and upon asking her out, he tasted his first rejection. The name of the lady was Meghann.

Prince William | Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

Meghann Gunderman, a Texan heiress to a rich businessman, was the first person to have officially declined Prince William’s date. And it wasn’t just once, but multiple times! In his book on ‘Kate: The Future Queen’, Kate Nicholl wrote:

“When William asked her [Meghann Gunderman] out—something he did not do lightly—it came as somewhat of a shock when she declined his advances. This seemed to make him want her more.”

Meghann, or Gundy as her friends usually call her with, was firm in her decision to not date the Prince. Eventually, Prince William met Kate Middleton and after befriending each other for quite a while, the Prince finally found her true Princess.

WINMALEE, AUSTRALIA – APRIL 17: Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (Photo by Anthony Devlin – Pool/Getty Images)

“So, what happened to Gundy?” you must be wondering.

Meghann Gunderman eventually got her happy end.

Gundy married an NFL player named Jason Sehorn in 2017. Gundy’s friend also pitched in on what happened during the time when William was chasing after her fervently.

Jason Sehorn and Meghann Gunderman who rejected Prince William.
Photo: jasonsehorn/Instagram

“I heard William ask her out on a date, but she wasn’t interested at all and she turned him down. He kept saying, ‘Why won’t you go out with me?’ She wasn’t having it.”

But the Prince was completely smitten by Kate when he saw Kate in a school charity fashion show that successfully wooed him.

Photo: jasonsehorn/Instagram

So, now Gundy is happy with her family and has built The Foundation for Tomorrow which focuses on providing education to children in Tanzania. While her Instagram account has been made personal, her husband occasionally posts pictures of him with her and his family.

Her smiles showed that she did not regret her choices and she’s actually happy with her life! Prince William also successfully avoided a possibly confusing situation of marrying a woman with the same first name as his brother, Prince Harry’s Meghan Markle!

Photo: jasonsehorn/Instagram

Guess everything ended for the best, eh?

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