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Ridiculous Things That Proves Life Can Sometime Be A Lie


Ridiculous Things That Proves Life Can Sometime Be A Lie

Expectedly, humans live with hopes of amazing actions and adventures – the one bitter truth about the life we live is that, not everything seems to be what they really are. In the quest to find answers to questions concerning the human existence, it is discovered that there are ridiculous things that actually proves life can sometimes be a big fat lie.

Bear Grylls


A lot of persons who actually grew up in the 1980 and 1990’S had always thought that Bear Grylls is a superhuman being with abilities that no other man can dare. Grylls was an adventurer and a tough survivor – teaching people on how to survive in the wild with disgusting maggots and  insects. With what people watch on screen – many believed he never ate normal foods, drinks, water and normally lives in the forest. But unfortunately, he was caught on camera eating some very good sandwich and drinking beer as well as sleeping on a luxurious bed in a very classic hotel. Why not in the forest? Why not eating maggots? Nevertheless, the life Bear Grylls made us believe existed was all a lie, the extreme survival, he also teaches via his television series as the only thing he does to survive was all a myth. Felt disappointed, viewers lost interest in his series  and any other extreme survival teachings.


YouTube -Vampires

Lovers of Hollywood movies are questioning if truly vampires are real.  Any vampire series had always portrayed blood sucking individuals who have extra abilities and strength to doing things that normal human can’t do. They have the abilities to fly, kill at night, walk and scared of the walk in day light because of the sun.  However, many grew up with the believe that moving in dark might one day warrant being attacked by Vampire. Unfortunately, Vampire are not real at all.  Vampires are part of the creativity that Hollywood has made us to believe (Costumes) – always know that  there is a clear difference between movies and reality.

The Hawaiian Pizza

Lovers of Pizza would have certainly heard of the Hawaiian pizza. The unique type of pizza is popular because of the presence of pineapples being added to the pizza. The pineapples are cut in ring-like form and added to the top of the pizza making it look appetizing. However, there have been a lot arguments as to whether it is proper for pineapples to be placed on pizza and it  got so serious that the Irish government almost placed a ban on the placement of pineapples on pizza. As the name implies Hawaiian pizza, there is actually nothing Hawaii about the pizza. The whole idea of putting rings of pineapple on a pizza never did came from Hawaii. So the notion that the Hawaiian pizza is a product of Hawaii is a lie. However, whenever you eat the Hawaiian pizza, always remember to give some thumbs up to the Greek man in Canada who brought this great recipe into the pizza world.

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