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‘Stranger Things 3’ Has Over 40 Million Viewers On Netflix


‘Stranger Things 3’ Has Over 40 Million Viewers On Netflix

Did you binge it this weekend?

‘Stranger Things 3’ premiered on July 4 and barely 5 days have passed. Guess how many viewers the show has got?

You know the answers since it’s written big as the title of this article, but we’re still going to pretend that it’s new. Over 40 million accounts have streamed the show (and there are probably more than 40 assuming many of us binge-watch the show together). More than 18 million of that accounts have finished the show (and have their hearts broken).

There have been no movies, series or any show that broke the 40m number in within 5 days like ‘Stranger Things 3’. Back in June, the closest competitor to this was ‘Murder Mystery’ that gained 30.9 million viewers in three days and took ‘Umbrella Academy’ to 45 million viewers a month.

It could also be thanks to the hype that the show made and also the amazing cast that didn’t disappoint even new viewers of the universe.

We can learn a couple of things from this: 1) Netflix is still a top streaming platform despite all the storm that it’s been hit with, 2) ‘Stranger Things 3’ is a must-watch and why are you still not part of 18m or 40m club? and 3) People are waiting for season 4.

Look at everyone’s reaction:

‘Stranger Things 3’ has 8 episodes and many of you probably want to finish the series in one sitting.

But nobody says it’s healthy to spend more than eight hours on your couch just staring at your TV. So, Netflix decided to add something else in between – just to keep binge-watchers healthy!

Check it out here!

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