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Stressed Mom Sends Her 18-Year-Old Son 8 Hilarious Rules For His Magaluf Holiday


Stressed Mom Sends Her 18-Year-Old Son 8 Hilarious Rules For His Magaluf Holiday

Moms will always be moms.

A mother is flooded with concern for her son, Finlay Brockie, 18, from Dunfermline, Fife, during his coming of age moments. He’s off for a holiday with friends to Magaluf. And to make sure that his holiday is fun and safe, Lisa Brockie decided to send his son ‘words of advice’ during his trip to Magaluf.

The boy decided to post the hilarious list of things he should and shouldn’t do as well as things to be reminded of.

The tweet has over 55,000 likes with more than 5,000 shares. It was captioned ‘Ma maws rules fir maga’ and three thumbs up emoticons after that. It took him three screenshots to get everything on the rules and regulations for his Magaluf trip. It quickly went viral and everyone was glee seeing how Lisa cares a lot for her son.

Easy to see that mothers can never graduate from their role as long as their kids are alive. Even if Fin is 18 and gets to go for booze in Magaluf (drinking age: 18), Lisa wants to give him the freedom that remains within a safe boundary to protect him. Including reminding him not to get a tattoo in an obvious place in case he regrets it!

Check out the screenshots Finlay took on the 8 things he has to remember while in Magaluf! Credits to FinlayBrockie1 on Twitter.

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Am I right?

His followers and even fellow mothers are commenting on how structured (and hilarious!) the ‘words of advice’ are. From avoiding STD to not losing your passport while on a holiday; they’re all serious stuff (especially if you’ve lost 3 door keys, bank cards, and a wallet).

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