Teenage Couple With Down Syndrome Are Crowned Prom King And Queen By Classmates

Young sweethearts, diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome were excited to be crowned Prom King and Queen by classmates.

Amelie Barker and Dylan Hughes, aged 16 and students at the Monmouth Comprehensive School in Monmouthshire, Wales were thrilled when granting the honor at their end of the term school dance.

Dylan Hughes and Amelie Barker, both 16 and students at Monmouth Comprehensive School, in Monmouthshire, Wales, were ‘thrilled’ to be crowned prom king and queen

The pair, who have been dating since March and had known themselves since when they were three were head over heels, their parents acknowledged.

The couple, who have known each other since they were three, started dating in March

While they were also a big hit among other pupils, Dylan and Amelie are both in mainstream education at the comprehensive school.

And by tradition, Classmate voted the well-known couple at prom and Amelie and Dylan got the highest votes. Dylan was given a crown while Amelie was given a tiara. Their classmate cheered and clapped for them both.

In March, Dylan asked Amelie’s mother if he could take her on a date to Pizza Express.

Victoria Hughes, aged 45 (Dylan Mother) said: “He came home at midnight a very happy young man. Dylan didn’t want to take his crown and sash off – he was really thrilled.”

The couples were toddlers when they met at the Charity 21 Plus set up by Victoria and Amelie’s Mother Katherina Barker for Children with Down’s Syndrome.

The pair have been to the cinema to see The Greatest Showman and spend evenings together

‘They have become very close over the last 18 months and we all started to realize there was a romance going on. Then in March Dylan asked me if he could take Amelie out on a date. They wanted to go to Pizza Express together, just the two of them. It was a lovely idea.’ Victoria added.

Dylan and Amelie, however, went to different primary schools, but joined the Monmouth Comprehensive school and became best friends.


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