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Tesco ‘Meal Deal Queen’ Gets A Tattoo Of Her Lunch That Changed Her Life


Tesco ‘Meal Deal Queen’ Gets A Tattoo Of Her Lunch That Changed Her Life

She can’t part from it no more.

Lizzie Proctor from Bournemouth just got herself a tattoo of her favorite lunch from Tesco that consists of a southern fried chicken wrap, cheese, and onion crisps and an orange Lucozade. Lizzie has been getting meal deals from Tesco for the past two years and spent £2,190.

(Image: Caters News Agency)

Lizzie had quite a journey in her search of the right bargain lunch.

“I started out at Sainsbury’s, then Morrisons, M&S and a bunch of other places but nothing ever hit the spot. Then I went to Tesco and they had the one that blew my mind. I used to be quite plain and just eat egg, but I saw the southern fried chicken wrap and oh my god, my life changed.”

The 22-year-old was branded the ‘meal deal queen’. She loves her lunch so much that she had to get it tattooed on her!

(Image: Caters News Agency)

She decided that the bargain lunch will remain as her meal till the end of time, “From that day onwards that was it, I decided that was the meal I was going to have to eat for the rest of my life – every day. I have bought one every day for the last two years, it has been pure dedication and it got so bad that even if I was hungover or too tired to leave the house, I would get my housemates to go and get me one.”

Lizzie had had several tattoos herself and as a commemoration, she decided to get herself a tattoo to show her love of the southern fried chicken wrap.

(Image: Caters News Agency)
(Image: Caters News Agency)

What did people say?

A few eyes were rolled by her parents and her friends were bewildered. But everything’s fine since Tesco thinks it’s awesome. So they sent her a box of goodies to treat her, but she was a little disappointed:

“They sent me an email and just told me they wanted to thank me, but they also sent me a mystery box full of crisps and chocolate as well as a thank you card. I appreciated it of course, but they could have at least sent the meal deal that I loved so much, or a £10 voucher to buy a few of them.”

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