The Reality of BTS Pending Disbandment

The Seven-Member boys band, named as one among the 25 most influential people on the internet has been taking the world by storm, most especially as the band is currently performing a Mega concert in Central Park.  Even for those unfamiliar with the K-pop band, BTS is certainly a crew that is hard to ignore. Known as Bangtan boys – meaning bulletproof of Boy Scouts, the BTS which was formed through an audition will certainly disband.


The Unknown?

Yes! BTS band will definitely disband and this is pretty much unknown by everybody.  Each of the members will be going for a military training for about 2 years and interestingly Jin would be going first in 2020 – next year, Suga, RM and Jhope will be joining Jin in 2022,2023 and in 2024 respectively. While Jimin and Jk will head for their military training in 2024 and 2026. However, some fans revealed that their contracts were extended till 2026 with BigHit; – anyways this is still not confirmed.

Sad Right?

It will and would really be sad for fans as BTS band only have about a year to begin their military training. It is envisaged that each members would have to focus on their solos even while going for their respective military training. Time is pretty flying so fast and the boys’ bands are already at the zenith of their careers.

BTS Band So Far?

Their fame has widely expanded to including the United States. They have equally won over 100 awards and have broken 5 key pop culture records.

Break Up Now or Later?

BTS Band

It is believed that once BTS disbands, they will be allowed to date, get married and have kids or whatever. And that also means a world war 3 will begin. I mean only 7 people out of over 100 million supporter in this world can marry those boys– this will definitely fuel further disbandment.  Plus, if they disband now, it doesn’t imply that we won’t see them again – But who knows?

Bottom Line

However, let just continue supporting BTS as they are now, and likewise help them move further to the peak while there are still hanging around with us.


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