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Twitter Leaks: Guardians of the Galaxy 3 Plot Revealed

The Guardian of the Galaxy 3 has been on-going right after the release of 2017 series but was put on-hold because of James Gunn Fiasco.  James Gunn was removed as director of the Guardian of the Galaxy after batch of social media dispatches that centered on areas like rape and pedophilia. Now that Jame Gunn scenarios is sought out, Galaxy 3 is back on speed track and its plots details were leaked on Twitter by @RogerWardell.

Plots –GOTG 3

Twitter Leak

Specifically, Twitter user @RogerWardell who had initially posted facts about Avengers: Endgame has again posted another information concerning GOTG. What happened to teams as well as the major plot lines was briefed.  While James Gunn had already mentioned that GOTG 3 will reveal the Rocket originator as well as his creators, the Twitter leak explained that rocket was however created by the high evolutionary, who featured in the first Thor movie.

“Thor” – Guardian of the Galaxy 3


However, the whirlwind Avengers: Endgame concluded with most of Avengers Heroes, while it also gave projections of what to expect in the future.Nevertheless, since Thor joined the Guardian of the Galaxy Teams – he is one superhero to actually look out for.


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