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Wedding Guest Made ‘Tacky’ Request Of Vegan Dinner On The Back Of Her RSVP


Wedding Guest Made ‘Tacky’ Request Of Vegan Dinner On The Back Of Her RSVP

Be a vegan but not a jerk.

Most couples planning for their marriage will want their guests to make requests if they need vegan food. This will prevent misunderstanding and makes sure that everyone enjoys their time during the party.

This bride-to-be has also informed her guests that vegans can still enjoy themselves as she’s serving salad for the party. Someone didn’t get the note.

The hand-written note from the guest goes to great lengths to explain exactly what the bride should include for her vegan catered meal (pictured)

This ‘tacky’ request from a guest sent the bride on a rage to post it in a wedding shaming group on Facebook. It was one thing to remind your host that you are a vegan and another to make specific details of how it should be catered to you.

The note specifically mentions a ‘large salad bowl’ with ‘olive oil (lots) on the side’. The guest also wanted lemon juice if possible and ended the note with ‘Whatever’.

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Bride-to-be slammed a request for a strict vegan dinner made on her RSVP (stock image).

The post also explained that all guests have been informed that salad is served in the party.

“Calling and asking if there will be a vegan option is one thing; detailing the exact salad you want for yourself is another.

‘This is a wedding, not a restaurant; the food isn’t made to order,” says a comment by a Facebook user on the post.

One person said they thought it one thing to ask if a vegan option was available, however, it was quite another to detail the 'exact salad' you wanted for yourself
This woman said one solution was to allow the guest to bring their own food, something she'd allowed guests to to at her wedding
Facebook users, both vegan and not, are showing their discontent to such a shameless request.

Another user also pointed out that this was such an unpleasant experience, “Unless they thought you were serving a dinner totally devoid of vegetables, this is so unnecessary.”

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