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WhatsApp Bug: Here’s The Risk, Should You Update? Everything To Know


WhatsApp Bug: Here’s The Risk, Should You Update? Everything To Know

Don’t freak out, just update!!

Certainly, WhatsApp is one of the most used popular social messaging apps in many countries that have never been hit by a spyware or malware. This is not until now however. The social messaging app – WhatsApp which has detected zero-day vulnerability on its platform could leave billions of its users across the world exposed to a malware that hacks into smartphones in order to extract information such as photos, emails, messages, and calls logs among others.  What’s even scary about the new WhatsApp bug is that it can be on any user’s smartphone without a slightest clue. All it takes for your phone to be attacked is a WhatsApp call.

Very much possible to get confuse about spyware and zero-day vulnerabilities, here’s an easy guide that will help you have an insight about what WhatsApp Spyware Attack really means.

What’s WhatsApp Spyware Attack?

Few days back, WhatsApp detected a bug that allows malicious hackers to access smartphones and steal important information or data like call logs, messages, photos, contacts, location,, emails and other details. Both for android and iPhones, the bug is installed by just placing a WhatsApp call. Even without the WhatsApp call, the malware can still be installed on smartphones – giving attackers’ unlimited access to your information. More alarming is the fact that once it is installed, the malware can erase all calls received –giving users no evidence to confirming an attack.

Who’s Vulnerable? Update Right?

You and I are vulnerable. Interestingly, every user using WhatsApp on their Android, IOS and window app are very much susceptible to the Spyware attack.  Should in case you are planning to ignore your calls, thinking it would save your phone from being attacked – then it’s a big lie. There’s just no running away from this malware attack. But one way you can protect the information and details on your smartphones is just by updating your WhatsApp to the latest version- specifically to the one that has a patch feature.

Who Are We To Blame?

Reportedly – An Israeli cyber security firm NSO, according to Financial Times has been using Pegasus to turn on phone’s camera and microphone to surf through information. Presumably behind the WhatsApp Spyware attack, NSO has recently been reported for targeting a UK-based lawyer who has assisted a group of Mexican journalist, government critics as well as a man of Saudi Arabian.

Replying, the cyber intelligence firm in a publication refused all claims saying it cannot use its own technology to target an individual or an organization. So who then is behind the WhatsApp Spyware Attack?

WhatsApp –Action Taken? We Freaking Out

Currently WhatsApp is investigating the matter, but in the meantime the social messaging app has rolled out updated patches to safeguard smartphones and its servers. Additionally, the US justice department has been informed about the situation. So, we sit back and wait for results.  

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