Woman Saved A Baby Elephant And Now He Follows Her Everywhere

Moyo, a young baby elephant, was separated from his family when he was a few days old. He was possibly swept away by the river as he was crossing it and was luckily rescued by rangers. Moyo was brought to one of Wild Is Life branch, Zimbabwe Elephant Nursery. Founder of the sanctuary Roxy Danckwerts took care of the baby elephant.


Moyo was still a baby which means he needs someone to take care of him at all times. With Roxy spending most of her time for him, the big baby boy is now so attached to her, he keeps showing incredible tenacity and cleverness.


Moyo loves Danckwerts so much so that he follows her almost on her every step.


Roxy Danckwerts has been rescuing wildlife for nearly twenty years from primal apes, big cats to giraffes. Moyo may be literally her biggest challenge yet and he’s going to get bigger.

It began from when he was a baby and now, he’s too heavy for that couch!


His curiosity is also wreaking a little havoc around the house, but that’s fine. He’s just a cute baby!


He is also eating more to grow up!


…and sometimes stumble upon things he shouldn’t just put in his mouth.

Between tumbling baskets and cracking furniture is the love these two creatures share beautifully.

Check out the coverage by BBC on the adorable pair!

Get ready to go all ‘Aww’!

sources: BBC, thedodo

Hadley Stewart

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